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We’re lovers too :)

We’re lovers too :)

I first started photographing events about six years ago, Tori about four. For me they were smaller events like birthday parties, christenings and engagements with occasional work at weddings as a second shooter on the side, and Tori, she enjoyed nature and landscapes and smaller events as well such as engagement parties, christenings and children’s talent shows. Alongside that work, we always enjoyed shooting street photography together, and still do today. Playing the role of observers within the context of documenting urban life through photography has played a big part in how we approach wedding photography.

Documentary wedding photography is all about telling your story as it happens, so our approach is discreet and unobtrusive without taking over your day and our style is completely candid. It’s how we love to work and we feel it’s the best way for us to produces images that tell the authentic story of your wedding day from the perspective of you and those you choose to share in your celebration. We share a love for telling stories, through pictures, of your wedding and Tori and I promise not to make you say cheese, not to boss you around or in fact direct you in any way. We’re all about shooting your wedding in an honest, photojournalistic way without any excessive interaction.

It's important to us that as a couple, when you re-live your big day through the images we’ve created, you’re inclined to say to one another "Do you remember when that happened?" As opposed to "Do you remember when the photographer made that happen?” This means we like to get close to the action without being intrusive or staging any shots the way traditional wedding photographers tend to.

You might be wondering then, do a documentary wedding photographers take photos of the dresses? The shoes? The cake? Will they photograph the details of your day?

Yes, of course we will.

Our approach is all about telling the whole story of your wedding day and those details (and more) are part of that story.

As photojournalists we will not move, or direct you or your guests in any way, we much prefer to shoot people and items in context of what actually occurred so that you’re album serves as a permanent reminder to you, and a reliable record for your grandchildren, of what actually took place on one of the most important day of your lives, and that’s the difference between traditional wedding photography and documentary wedding photography. We will photograph your day artistically with emotion and without any intervention.


We don’t have a variety of packages as our process is always the same- to gather all the images and audio we’ll need to creative a narrative of your wedding day. If you only require one of us for several hours, the minimum callout fee is $600 for two hours with $150 charged per additional hour. Otherwise our standard fee for us to capture your full day is $2600. Our service includes:

- A meeting to get to know you and hear your wedding plans and ideas 

- Up to 10 hours of photography coverage.

- A 3-4 minute photo film which is essentially a video made up of key images we’'ve captured backed by music and audio that we'll also capture throughout the day (your vows, speeches and candid conversation). 

- Approximately half a dozen finished images the day after your wedding so that you have some nice pictures to make your announcements with.

- No limits on image count. We’re all about building a beautiful and honest narrative of your wedding day, regardless how many shots that involves. 

- All images provided in full resolution without watermarks within four weeks of your big day. 

- Travel within Greater Sydney.

Photo books/albums or prints are optional extras, giving you the freedom to choose your own products. An additional shooter can be arranged should you require simultaneous coverage in multiple locations.

Thank you once again for visiting and taking the time to consider our service. We’d love to shoot your wedding! So we hope to hear from you soon.

 All our very best.

Jeremy & Tori
Ph: 0414 800 255

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